Friday, May 7, 2010

Super Junior The Forth Album 미인아 [BONAMANA] MV Teaser

YES!! They are back with their forth album!!
This new album gave me a feeling of cool and sexy..
A totally different feeling with Super Junior previous album "Sorry Sorry" which has became one of the most significant Korean pop songs..
Check out this teaser.. I guarantee that you will be craving to see the full MV..

Cool.. (OMG OMG OMG!! My Leeteuk oppa got abs~~)
There are only 10 of the Super Junior members involved in this new album..
Which is kinda sad for me, and all the ELFs..
Kangin has went for his military service, Kibum is busy with his movies AGAIN..
And Hankyung.. I really wish that he is there.. But he is not.. *sigh*
Anyway.. I'll still support and love them..
Super Junior Hwaiting!! 아자아자!!

 ~Lots Of Love~


  1. ^^ looking forward for it!! ^^

  2. Looked like an advertisement or smthing. LOL
    Can't wait!!

  3. OMG~!!! They are so damn COOL~!!!!
    Oh my goodness, ur Eeteuk... (WOo~)
    MY dong hae cut short his hair... >.<

    Siwon, still as yeng as ever...
    Kyuhyun so cool, shindong also very yeng dy~!
    Cant recognize sungmin leh, ryeowok and yesung, wah~!! Heechul... OMG~!!