Sunday, May 2, 2010

Silent Hurt...

This is a trailer of a movie called Silent Hurt a.k.a. my very first production..
It's done by my group members and me for our PR Writing assignment..
Yea.. So there's no such thing as screening in cinema at all..
It is made specially for academic purposes..
We had lots of fun producing this movie for our mock press conference..

Silent Hurt- A story about a rape victim counselor, Christine who herself was a rape victim. She used to be a normal university student until the day she was raped. Her life changed and everything seemed so hopeless for her.

Directed by Kuanie Ng

Auyong Huimin, 
Ian Lim, 
JaMie Lim, 
Christopher Chong Khan, 
Brandon Liang Chi Wai, 
Wan Jinn Seong

Special thanks for the crew members
Chloe Mak,
Carmen Ng, 
Shu Yi Yun, 
Yukiri Hayashi, 
Peggy Hor, 
Kweh Shin Yee

Please watch and give comments...
p/s: we are not professional.. just having fun.. ^^

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