Sunday, January 31, 2010

D.I.Y Hair Coloring

Recently my friend, Jing Yi wrote a blog about DIY Hair Coloring..
It's in Chinese but it's interesting!!
I commented at her blog that I wanna try it one day..
I found out that actually my housemate-- Siew Wuen knows how to do it!!
She did it to Wendy Gal just now..
It's simple and convenient..
Check this out!!
Just 5 simple steps..

Starring: Siew Wuen as Hair Stylist
                 Wendy Gal as Model

Step 1: Prepare all these things..

the set that wendy got is from Cherry Red Amway.. Containing:
  • the dye
  • activator
  • shampoo and conditioner..
Prepare also:
  • comb and brush
  • hair clips

Step 2: Get a container and mix the activator with the dye..

Step 3: Use brush and comb to apply the dye on hair evenly.
Remember to do it layer by layer with the help of hair clips..
This can ensure that your dye is applied evenly..
Or else...
You will regret it.. XD

Special photos.. Wendy is so gonna kill me..
 "adui~~ why so long one.. sleepy lah.."*yawn*
"let's play something fun.." *squeeze squeeze*

Step 4: Wait for 30 minutes..

Step 5: Wash with the shampoo and conditioner, rinse off, blow it dry and you are done!!
pretty~~ ^^
Wear Gloves unless you want your hands to have same color with your hair.

Special thanks for Siew Wuen and Wendy gal.. Love ya lots..

~Lots Of Love~

Saturday, January 30, 2010

An "Oreo-tic" day~~

I have no idea what's wrong with me today..
I just know that I had just finished whole pack of Oreo Double Delight..
I wanted to stop, I TRIED to stop..
I took one..
Put the pack back into the container..
Finished the one i took..
And automatically took another one from the container..
And another one........

the very last one..
cant stop eating it even i was taking photos.. so... yup, i bitten it..
oreo-tic Kuanie~~

Slimming plan spoilt by Oreo~~ T.T
Oreo is just way too tasty to be resisted.. 

~Lots Of Love~

Kuanie is on Plurk

Just invited by my friend-- Shu Yi to join Plurk..
Actually this is the 1st time i heard of Plurk.. (am i outdated? =X )
I signed up coz it's simple and fast.. 
No need to fill up too much details..
But I do not have much friends there..
So I'm not sure if i will be active there..

I've put the widget in my sidebar..
You guys can check it out there..
Or if you are on Plurk too..
Check out my profile and add me yea..

~Lots Of Love~



最近大学的团体都在搞以情人节为主题的prom night。。



~Lots Of Love~

Monday, January 25, 2010

UTARCOU Recruitment Drive

Dearest Kampar UTARians..
Have you ever heard of Chinese Orchestra?
No no no..
Don't mistaken it..
It's not an orchestra formed by only Chinese..
And yes.. It's about music..
EVERYONE can join it and it's REALLY FUN!!
Wanna know more?

Chinese Orchestra Unit of UTAR will be having recruitment drive starting tomorrow..
From 26th to 28th January..
Come to our booth at Cafeteria, Block C..
We will be waiting for you!!

~Lots Of Love~

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How do you treat what you love?

-- 秋天,《花样男子》
The quote above means "when kids found something they love, they will not hesitate (about it).. because they know that they will cry if they fail to get it..".. by GalEul from Boys Over Flowers..

She said this to Yi Jung when he was giving up on his lover..

After she said this I realised that I had stopped being a kid since don't-know-when..
I hesitated a lot when I was facing something I love..
Thinking about the circumstances..
Calculating the benefits and loses..
And I didn't cry when I lost it, because I didn't even let myself to cry..

I don't know if you are in the same situation with me..
This is kinda sad for me..
I wonder how much has been canceled from my lists of love in these years..

I don't know about you..
But I'm gonna start acting like kid once in a while..
To face this world with the most innocent heart that show what u really love..
Yea... Just once in a while.. It's gonna be alright..

~Lots Of Love~

Friday, January 22, 2010

Disappointed seeing it floats..

Yesterday.. 21st of January 2010..
I have finally filled myself up with the courage to face the fear for pain..
I went to the Blood Donation Campaign organised by the First Aids Society of UTAR..
This is my very first time doing this and I was REALLY REALLY anxious and yet anticipating..
I weight myself at the counter and then I filled up the form..
my form..

I am number 22.. 

My housemates, Wendy gal and Rachel went first..
(pictures are blur because it's too far away..)
I bet they didn't know that I was taking their photos..
rachel having her blood pressure test..

wendy gal in the process of donating blood..

Finally it's my turn!!!
I took my blood pressure test, passed..

and then blood test..

"Moi, darah kamu tak cukup la.. Hanya cukup untuk sendiri kamu je.."
"Huh?? Apa maksudnya??"
"Your blood is floating on the top (pointing to a glass of greenish blue color liquid).. Means you do not have enough haemoglobin.. It's only enough for yourself.. You can't donate your blood.. Sorry yea.."

I really took a lot of courage to do this..

Because this is something really meaningful...
Even though I was scared but I really wanted to do it..
I was really disappointed.. T.T
But I will try it next time..
For those who have the ability to donate..
Please just go and have a try on it..
It will not harm your health while it might even make you healthier..
Some more you can help people in needs..
Think about it..
You just need to have a little bit pain on your arm for minutes and you save a life..
How good is that..
I wish I will be able to do it next time..

~Lots Of Love~

Please fix my line!!

Not that I didn't want to update my blog..
But my line was like s**t for these few days..
For the 1st two days I used my whole day to upload around 20 small-sized photos.. 
Then the next day it started to boycott me...
It didn't even let me to go online..

My housemates was going crazy because of her barn buddy.. XD

And the technicians said that it's because of the main plug of my appartment..
So the only thing I can do now is to wait for TNB workers to save my line on Monday..
By the way..
I am currently back in Ipoh.. ^^

~Lots Of Love~

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is my love for YOU-- Siew Wuen

Although it's over now..
But I still wanna wish you once more..
Happy Birthday!!

This is my love for you... 
A D.I.Y card and this..

The that I put in the card... ^^
firstly, find photos of cute Changmin and Donghae..

print it out n' blow it dry..

cut out their heads

create their clothes..

they will be sending love to siew wuen.. ^^

make 'doink doink' head for both of them..

stick it to the card.. DONE!!

Birthday celebration..
four steps being a birthday gal- hold the cake, make a wish, blow the candle, cut the cake

extra step- cut wendy... XD

all of us..

siew wuen's presents.. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

A day for Super Show 2 tickets..

My housemates and me decided to grab tickets for Super Show 2..
So S.Wuen n me went to Kampar train station early this morning..
To take a train to KL..

We reached KL around 8am..
But we got lost when we tried to find the Monorail station..
So when we reach the venue for ticket selling-- Sg.Wang, 6th floor..
It's already almost nine..
the shops are still closed..


The tickets will only start selling at 11am..
Check this out..
There is already so much people when I reached at 9am..
all super junior's fans waiting...

people in front of me..

people at the back.. 

love the backdrop.. ^^


Even though I am the no.46 customer..

S.Wuen n' me stood there for about 5 hours for the tickets..
My legs are aching now n' I wonder if I can still walk tomorrow.. T.T

The organisation company's system is not efficient enough to handle so many people..
Maybe they should set up more booths or maybe just get more tickets printing machine?
It's just my opinion anyway..

After this we had lunch in T-bowl..

I love the 'poops'..
It's so kawaii!

Going back Kampar by 6.02pm train..
me and the super show ticket!!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Super Show 2 is ON for Malaysia!!

The biggest Korean boy band-- Super Junior is coming to Malaysia..
This would be definitely a good news for ELFs and K-pop lovers..

It's really a BIG surprise for me to know that they coming!!
Feeling like screaming out loud!!
Super Junior!!!

Organized by Redstar Presents, event managed by Marctensia and Warner Music as the record label, Super Junior, the 2nd Asia Tour, Super Show 2 is set to kick off on Saturday, 20th March 2009, 7.00pm at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Super Junior last came to Malaysia for MTV Asia Awards 2008 but this time, it’ll be their first ever concert. The biggest boy band group will present their indisputable energy and showmanship on stage. ---- Retrieved from Axcess Tickets Sdn Bhd website
I will be using my angpau money for the ticket of this concert..
I am sure I do not want to miss this chance of seeing Super Junior performing LIVE in front of me..
Their songs, their dance choreography, their cute faces............. *started dreaming*
Super Junior oppa, see you guys soon..

For more details, please log on to: and

~Lots Of Love~

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm so gonna start my slimming plan!!

My dad just came back from outstation..
Looks like lacking of something from his body.. 
Then I found out my dad got SLIMMER!!
His tummy is gone...
Now I am definitely sure about the fact that I gain more weight when I am back in hometown..
I WILL... 110% will start slimming down when I go back to Kampar..
For winning my dad..
For the beautiful clothes..
For Chinese New Year..
For loving myself more..
Let's cheer for me! XD 

~Lots Of Love~


10am-10pm in Ipoh Parade

Yea.. I stayed there for half a day..
Let's see what I did and what I got..

11.00am-- Chinese Orchestra informal meeting..
meeting at food court.. outside of cinema 

taken-without-notice 1-- choon weng n jing xian

taken without notice 2-- siew wuen's hand XD

Around 2.30pm-- Started to shopping with Siew Wuen and Pooi Yee after finishing lunch.

6.15pm-- Siew Wuen and Pooi Yee went home, I went to meet my aunt and continue SHOPPING!

10.00pm-- Back in Home!
my result for today.. satisfying.. =P

Hello Kitty shoes bought from Red Modani.. not really into Hello Kitty but I love the shoes!

cut-in clothes from F.O.S.. 2 for rm16.. worth it..

a dress and a red clothes for Chinese New Year.. bought from map..

we (swuen, pyee n me) said we just wanna look at the poster of Lee Minho.. but then we came out with moistful massage mask from Etude House..... girls...

the last one.. it's a secret.. my secret.. i will reveal it later.. wait for my post..

Happy... ^^

~Lots Of Love~