Sunday, January 31, 2010

D.I.Y Hair Coloring

Recently my friend, Jing Yi wrote a blog about DIY Hair Coloring..
It's in Chinese but it's interesting!!
I commented at her blog that I wanna try it one day..
I found out that actually my housemate-- Siew Wuen knows how to do it!!
She did it to Wendy Gal just now..
It's simple and convenient..
Check this out!!
Just 5 simple steps..

Starring: Siew Wuen as Hair Stylist
                 Wendy Gal as Model

Step 1: Prepare all these things..

the set that wendy got is from Cherry Red Amway.. Containing:
  • the dye
  • activator
  • shampoo and conditioner..
Prepare also:
  • comb and brush
  • hair clips

Step 2: Get a container and mix the activator with the dye..

Step 3: Use brush and comb to apply the dye on hair evenly.
Remember to do it layer by layer with the help of hair clips..
This can ensure that your dye is applied evenly..
Or else...
You will regret it.. XD

Special photos.. Wendy is so gonna kill me..
 "adui~~ why so long one.. sleepy lah.."*yawn*
"let's play something fun.." *squeeze squeeze*

Step 4: Wait for 30 minutes..

Step 5: Wash with the shampoo and conditioner, rinse off, blow it dry and you are done!!
pretty~~ ^^
Wear Gloves unless you want your hands to have same color with your hair.

Special thanks for Siew Wuen and Wendy gal.. Love ya lots..

~Lots Of Love~


  1. Haha...Dye hair ar?
    Nice ler...
    Actually, i planned to spray blue colour for the prom de...
    But, it cancelled....How unfortunate...
    U sure got learn dao how to dye hair lor....
    Next time be my hair dresser lor....
    Ngek Ngek...=D

  2. SUIPO! Why la u go and put that blur looking picture of mine?! Lucky u din put those few ugly ones where my eyes are closed, or wont be able to see tomorrow's daylight.

  3. Wah~~~ Mine also put up dy...
    I looks like a operation surgeon... wakaka ^^
    Long time din help ppl dye dy, still not bad lar..

  4. 哈哈,每次被染的那个人,被拍照都特别好笑,


  5. lol... i used to help people to dye too de wor....but is my grandma lol... ^^

  6. @NoobZhai: can't.. i dunno how to do it.. only my housemate knows.. next time u pay her to be ur special hair designer..

    @choonweng: grandma become your model?? i kesian your grandnma..

    @jingyi: haha.. that's why i will never become the model..

  7. @wendygal & gaohujiejie:
    thank you for becoming my models..
    actually i wanted to put the "no-eye" photos but then i really wished to see tomorrow's sunlight..
    that's y i didn't put it..
    i think both of you did a good job..
    wendy looks great..