Monday, January 18, 2010

A day for Super Show 2 tickets..

My housemates and me decided to grab tickets for Super Show 2..
So S.Wuen n me went to Kampar train station early this morning..
To take a train to KL..

We reached KL around 8am..
But we got lost when we tried to find the Monorail station..
So when we reach the venue for ticket selling-- Sg.Wang, 6th floor..
It's already almost nine..
the shops are still closed..


The tickets will only start selling at 11am..
Check this out..
There is already so much people when I reached at 9am..
all super junior's fans waiting...

people in front of me..

people at the back.. 

love the backdrop.. ^^


Even though I am the no.46 customer..

S.Wuen n' me stood there for about 5 hours for the tickets..
My legs are aching now n' I wonder if I can still walk tomorrow.. T.T

The organisation company's system is not efficient enough to handle so many people..
Maybe they should set up more booths or maybe just get more tickets printing machine?
It's just my opinion anyway..

After this we had lunch in T-bowl..

I love the 'poops'..
It's so kawaii!

Going back Kampar by 6.02pm train..
me and the super show ticket!!



  1. wow, crazy for ticket... you really their fans..
    i ate at the T-bowl be4 too, i like the toilet bowl