Friday, January 15, 2010

10am-10pm in Ipoh Parade

Yea.. I stayed there for half a day..
Let's see what I did and what I got..

11.00am-- Chinese Orchestra informal meeting..
meeting at food court.. outside of cinema 

taken-without-notice 1-- choon weng n jing xian

taken without notice 2-- siew wuen's hand XD

Around 2.30pm-- Started to shopping with Siew Wuen and Pooi Yee after finishing lunch.

6.15pm-- Siew Wuen and Pooi Yee went home, I went to meet my aunt and continue SHOPPING!

10.00pm-- Back in Home!
my result for today.. satisfying.. =P

Hello Kitty shoes bought from Red Modani.. not really into Hello Kitty but I love the shoes!

cut-in clothes from F.O.S.. 2 for rm16.. worth it..

a dress and a red clothes for Chinese New Year.. bought from map..

we (swuen, pyee n me) said we just wanna look at the poster of Lee Minho.. but then we came out with moistful massage mask from Etude House..... girls...

the last one.. it's a secret.. my secret.. i will reveal it later.. wait for my post..

Happy... ^^

~Lots Of Love~



  1. Why take so many pictures of hands ...XD

  2. Wah... Din take pics of faces leh... XD
    That means we are so damn busy!!!

  3. still have time to take photo, mean u din concentrate when in the meeting, keke~~

  4. hahaha..
    like i said..
    informal meeting..