Friday, January 22, 2010

Disappointed seeing it floats..

Yesterday.. 21st of January 2010..
I have finally filled myself up with the courage to face the fear for pain..
I went to the Blood Donation Campaign organised by the First Aids Society of UTAR..
This is my very first time doing this and I was REALLY REALLY anxious and yet anticipating..
I weight myself at the counter and then I filled up the form..
my form..

I am number 22.. 

My housemates, Wendy gal and Rachel went first..
(pictures are blur because it's too far away..)
I bet they didn't know that I was taking their photos..
rachel having her blood pressure test..

wendy gal in the process of donating blood..

Finally it's my turn!!!
I took my blood pressure test, passed..

and then blood test..

"Moi, darah kamu tak cukup la.. Hanya cukup untuk sendiri kamu je.."
"Huh?? Apa maksudnya??"
"Your blood is floating on the top (pointing to a glass of greenish blue color liquid).. Means you do not have enough haemoglobin.. It's only enough for yourself.. You can't donate your blood.. Sorry yea.."

I really took a lot of courage to do this..

Because this is something really meaningful...
Even though I was scared but I really wanted to do it..
I was really disappointed.. T.T
But I will try it next time..
For those who have the ability to donate..
Please just go and have a try on it..
It will not harm your health while it might even make you healthier..
Some more you can help people in needs..
Think about it..
You just need to have a little bit pain on your arm for minutes and you save a life..
How good is that..
I wish I will be able to do it next time..

~Lots Of Love~


  1. Yoyo!..
    Not enuf blood xpa de lar...xD
    As long you have the heart to help others ^^
    Its a good spirit!!

  2. yea...
    I will ganbatte to get enough blood 1..
    I will be coming back again!

  3. i always cannot donate blood.coz when there is some blood "lost" from my body, i will faint ady,haha`~