Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is my love for YOU-- Siew Wuen

Although it's over now..
But I still wanna wish you once more..
Happy Birthday!!

This is my love for you... 
A D.I.Y card and this..

The that I put in the card... ^^
firstly, find photos of cute Changmin and Donghae..

print it out n' blow it dry..

cut out their heads

create their clothes..

they will be sending love to siew wuen.. ^^

make 'doink doink' head for both of them..

stick it to the card.. DONE!!

Birthday celebration..
four steps being a birthday gal- hold the cake, make a wish, blow the candle, cut the cake

extra step- cut wendy... XD

all of us..

siew wuen's presents.. 


  1. Wahhh..
    Very Very Creative de card...
    Next time, i also want ya....=P

  2. 那张卡很可爱~~你们很有心哦,我已经很久没做卡片了。

  3. Hehe...
    So happy to hear that the card is nice..