Friday, May 7, 2010

My Lavender Dream ♥

Just made a "childish" promise to myself..
I must go to lavender farm once in my lifetime..
As you know, we don't have any lavender farm in Malaysia (cause of the weather, humidity and stuff.. T.T)
So I definitely need to go places like Japan or Europe in order to fulfill my dream, sounds serious huh? Lolz..

About lavender...
I do not know why am I in love with it so much..
Maybe it's because I like purple.. XP
For me, it symbolizes beauty, love, sweetness, peace.......
I would wish to get a bouquet of lavender during valentine's day instead of roses..
Imagine that I have a house just beside a lavender farm..
The house is painted in white color, with a bell hanging down the roof of balcony..
Every time I open the door, I'll see a beautiful piece of purple in front of me, and smell the sweet scent..
I'll have lavender tea and some biscuits for my tea time, sitting beside the window, reading a novel.............
Everything is just beautiful~~~  ♥

imagine this is what u see every time you open your door..

Okay okay!!
I'm back to reality now..
Gonna prepare for my sociology exam on Saturday..
Wish myself all the best!!
Just wanna say.. Kuanie loves lavender...

~Lots Of Love~


  1. I love lavender as crazy as you too! I thought I was the only one :)

  2. Well Jusco Baba's in Penang selling them now not sure about Jusco in other state. The one factor need to consider is our rain is too acidic that all plants in cameron is planted under greenhouse. For the soil, probably need to add 50% sharp sand or rough sand (bigger size) into the potting soil sold on market or nursery. Mine already 3 weeks on the hot scorching balcony but hope they can last longer. Just wanna plant something different :-)
    Hok Lai