Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pain pain!

I'm hungry but I didn't eat anything after forcing a piece of Gardenia chocolate bread into my tummy this morning before exam. (I think my aunt would scold me if she sees this)
When I thought of cooking myself a nice full plate of pasta, 
My BBF, Daniel asked me for dinner later. 
What time? 4.37pm.. Sigh.. Should I eat or not eat?
Fine I'll just wait since we are going to Gold Label.. ^^
I want something chocolaty to heal my pain.
Physical and mental pain..........
From what I've been through recently..
Exams, friends, self (which hurts the most)..
But guess what??
It's raining now. Will I be able to go and have chocolaty stuff?

p.s.: having pengajian malaysia paper tomorrow, havn't even touch the notes, and my malay sucks. XD


  1. Eat..Don't force yourself.

  2. aiks.. no choice.. no time.. ><"

  3. dun worry, pengajian malaysia see ur opinion de, not bahasa, tatabahasa mah. as well as u provide ur points, then will pass de lah ~~ keke

  4. it's mcq... T.T
    Hope i wont fail it...