Monday, May 3, 2010

It's my wrong..

Just had my very first paper for this semester today..
I did not have enough time to finish answering all the questions..
And for a part.. I just do not know what was i writing..
It's crap.. Real CRAP!!!

I felt really disappointed with myself..
It just a simple test (well, compared to those REAL test of life..)..
And I just couldn't do well as what I've expected..
How am I suppose to be what I want to be with a piece of sh*t like this?

And I felt so bad towards my Dad...
He's been doing so much for me..
Quietly.. Without any complaints.. Without giving up..
Just quietly supporting me, even if he doesn't have a strong financial ability..
And I just....
Quietly.. Did something that cannot make Him proud..
I know that He has a high expectation on me.. But I just failed..

Just now when I opened FB...
I saw my lecturer said that she is disappointed..
I just forgot.. "The lecturers want us to pass, want us to get good results"
I know that she saw what I did on my paper..
And I just felt so......
She is a good lecturer for me, she's been working hard to help us..
And again.. I just failed..

It's over..
It's the past and I just don't have the ability to change it (I must be a 4-flat student if i have the ability.. XD)..
What I can do now is to pray hard that I'll get a not-too-bad result..
Most importantly, work for the next subject on tomorrow-- EMC!!!!
Wish those who have the same feeling as me.. Do not give up..
Let us Jia You together for tomorrow's and coming up papers.. ^^
Have faith, everything's gonna be alright!

~Lots Of Love~


  1. Hi gal, u edi try ur best.
    Nobody is too perfect in doin everyting so well. Also hv faith in GOD.
    I beleive God muz help u in any situation,
    n MIRACALES will hapen =>
    GANBATE! God love n bless u~


  2. thanks angeline.. ^^
    love u lots...
    pray for miracles...

    i know some of u who sees this is gonna say "don't think so much.." and yes.. i'm gonna say "i didn't think much.." XD

  3. gal least u try ur best and do d ques....better than dos hu jz sit half an hours and rushing out and dun even try dos ques....and u wil feel sorry to ur dad means dat u r reli a good gal...cgpa does not mean is reli far more better than u hav high cgpa bt dun obey to ur dad owes....gambateh gal~~~~~~~~~

  4. thanks so much for ur encouragement and support.. love ya too.. hehe..
    but may i know who are u???

  5. all the need to give up ...^^u sure can do it de...dun always play fb lo ...gambateh !!!!hehe ....

  6. i will be the d one hu owes support u...
    anyways..where u find dis song?izit from official site??hmmm....if then y there's some mistake in d song??

  7. belinda: thanks so much for ur support.. i will ganbatte.. fb.. try to reduce.. haha..

    annonymous: erm? cant tell me who u are?? it's not from official site.. i choose this one coz others load too slow d..

  8. sometimes talk and do is different thing. u need to start study and not play around if seeing this condition. ur parents pay u for the study, not for playing. go for it if u really regret. no point regret but take no action after few days ^^ parents wouldnt be there forever, so dont disappoint them

  9. thanks for your advice.
    and i ain't playing.

  10. good then.i always believe what a person get was based on how much he/she put effort in. hope u will get ready and well in everything ^^