Sunday, May 9, 2010

♥ Happy Mama's Day ♥

It's Mother's Day..
How do you celebrate with your Mommy? Bringing her out for a meal? Or cooking her a meal? Giving her a special present? A kiss perhaps?
If you are with your mommy right now, APPRECIATE it..
Because I'm away from my hometown, facing exams..
So I was not able to go back and celebrate with my grandma..

 my pretty grandma~~

I really wish that I'm by her side now..
She has just went through a surgery on 27th of April..
It was a success but she is still in pain..
I know that she must be missing me (bukan saya syok sendiri, nenek sayangkan Kuanie tau?)..
And I am missing her too..
I think this is the first time not being with her during Mother's Day..
I wish that she will recover fast and continue to enjoy a normal life without pain..
Happy Mother's Day dearest Grandma..
I love you very much~~ ♥

I once again wanna say..
APPRECIATE it if you are with your mom..
And do something memorable for her..
If you feel lazy for it..
Did your mom ever grow lazy for caring for you?
Did your mom ever said rejected you when you are just a piece of failure?
Did she give up on you even though it is tough and suffering during the 10 months of pregnancy?
Think of all these, and how much time more can you spend with her..
Maybe you would say, "my mom is young, I still have a lot of time.."
Then it turns out that you spend your time on working, dating, marriage, living your own life..
Until the day you felt that "mom is old", you will realise how much time you have wasted..
So APPRECIATE it now, right now..

~Lots Of Love~


  1. 好的,金鱼小姐受教,
    好好珍惜现在和妈妈的一切~~ ^.^


  2. err...10 months of pregnancy? U mean 9 months izit...? Kekekeke! ;p
    newayz, im sure ur grandma noes how much u love her, no matter how busy and wherever u are. ^.^