Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is not omelette, it's "kok kok egg"..

My aunt went out for some business, so I have no lunch today..
Grandma suggested to fry the left-over rice but I don't feel like eating fried rice..
Then she said, "I am okay with anything, just warm the rice and eat with an egg will be okay for me too.."
So I said "Mama, let's eat like this then, I want 'kok kok dan'.." ^^

I remembered when I was young, I loved to eat my grandma's "kok kok egg" a.k.a. omelette..
Why is it called "kok kok egg"?
It is actually from the sound of spoon hitting the plastic bowl when we beat the egg..
We always use plastic bowl last time, maybe it is safer for kids like me who tried to help out in the kitchen.. XD
Since then, the special name for my home-cooked omelette-- "Kok Kok Dan" remains until now..
My younger sisters were also "taught" to call the omelette as "kok kok dan".. (good teacher right?)

It was the most delicious food in the world for me that time..
I even "introduced" this world's best food to my tutor last time.. (i think my grandma was kinda embarrassed that time.. lolz..)
It is probably a normal omelette for most of the people, but it is just so different for me..
I believe that I will never ever get the same taste from any places of this world..
It's the taste of my grandma's love and care..
It has never changed until today..
I do not know about you, but I believe that there must be some food, or something that will give you the same feeling like how this "kok kok dan" gave me..
It might be 'nothing' for others, but it is surely 'something' for you..
That's the taste..幸福的滋味~<3

dedicated to my grandma

~Lots Of Love~

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