Sunday, February 7, 2010

Making It Interesting.. Kampar-Ipoh

As a student of UTAR Kampar and also an IpohMali..
I go back hometown almost every week..
The same journey the same road the same vibration of the Kinta bus..
The same duration of around 1 hour to reach Ipoh..
I have been studying here for almost two years..
The journey of going back hometown can only be described as-- boring..

This smart-headed girl here decided to make it interesting for you guys..
Have a look on what I did today..
Firstly, I MUST take Kinta bus that follows the old road and not the highway..

At the Kampar New Town bus stop...
Listening to MP3 from my old Nokia 2130.. 
Bought myself a honey green tea and Cadbury Cruchie..
Who knows how long am i gonna wait there..

the shops on my left hand side and Grand Kampar Hotel in front of me..
With beautiful blue sky and white cloud.. Love it..

then i found out that it was bright blue sky on my left and dark clouds on my right..
big contrast.. and yea.. that's Kampar..

Anchor's truck passed by me with striking red.. Feeling the mood of CNY now..
I got on the bus~~~
it will only cost you rm4.60 from kampar to ipoh..
i have a habit of adding up the numbers on the tickets..
if you get a 21 in total, today is your lucky day..
remember to keep the tickets safe because the uncle will need to check it..
i was eating the Crunchie thingy.. and the uncle asked me "you are not scared of getting fat huh?"
am i really fat now??

What's outside?? (since the bus is driving kinda fast, i couldn't really take nice photographs.. please forgive the bad quality..)
passed by gua tempurung.. i had such a nice experience there.. ^^

kampung houses.. dunno why i just like it..

i discovered a church, a mosque, a chinese temple and an indian temple along the way..
i have never realise this even though i had been traveling on this road for almost 2 years..
things will only be found when you find them..

small sweet town-- gopeng..

here comes my favorite "portion" of the journey..
forgive me for the bad photography skills..
please notice the old-fashion and small-sized shops along the roadside..
this is Kampung Kebayang..
all the buildings there had actually removed for development except for this 2 rows of shops..
some of it has collapsed and it looks really fragile..
yet.. you can still find barber shop on business there.. 

Nearer and nearer to home sweet home..
one of the trademark of Simpang Pulai..
when you reach here..
you know that Ipoh is not far away..

There are a lot things in this world..
Things that are familiar to you..
Things that are routine to you..
You may find it boring very easily..
But things are dead and humans are alive..
You will always have the ability to change boredom to excitement..
Maybe you can tell me about your own interesting trip next time??

~Lots Of Love~


  1. i studied in inti nilai.. coming back to ipoh wasnt that often.. yeah, due to the distance.. usually once a month.. haha.. i've never been to kampar before.. =)

  2. hi,i was in Kampar for some training a few days back,well it rained heavily every evening
    sort of spoiled all my jalan2 plans.

  3. @kenwooi: you are a ipoh mali too?? kampar and ipoh is quite near.. that's why i can come back every week.. kampar is an extremely good place for studying.. because there is not much entertainment.. the best shopping complex is tesco.. >.<

    @thomas: i agree with you.. kampar weather is always unpredictable.. it can has big sun and 1 minute later, it rains dogs and cats..

  4. actuali kampar reali a nice place to study lah,
    one disadvantage oni, TOO LESS entertainment ~~

  5. I have to take the bus from Kampar to Ipoh. Do you know which stop to get off that is nearest to Paris Puteh area in Ipoh?

  6. Sorry for asking, do you know the last time schedule perak transit from kampar to ipoh?